It’s time to taste the local product of l’Ampolla

If you are a lover of good cuisine, you will surely enjoy the local produce of l’Ampolla. Our land and our sea provide us with fresh products, km 0, which you can sample in the restaurants of the village and you can also buy to prepare your own recipes at home.

There are a lot of advantages of consuming local products. The products are fresher and the food is more natural and has a better flavor. In addition, when consuming local products, the sustainable consumption is promoted, that looks for a harmonic relation between the society and the nature.

Products of our land and sea

The Delta Oyster

One of the local products of l’Ampolla that can surprise you is the oyster, which undoubtedly has one of the most intense and pure flavors offered by our sea. This is possible thanks to the large amount of nutrients in the Fangar bay. In the village we pay special attention to this fruit of the sea throuhg of gastronomic creations that are very suggestive to our restaurateurs. Discover all about the oyster cuisine!

Where to buy?

  • Nova Devimar

Barranc de Sant Pere, s/n

+34 977 460 054

  • Cepromar

Ctra. Ampolla-Deltebre, km 2

+34 977 470 882

Fish and seafood

Fishing and seafood breeding are a reference in the marine trait of l’Ampolla because it’s privileged geographical location. Thanks to the combination of salt water and sweet water, the internal part of the Fangar Bay is transformed into an optimal habitat for the breeding of fish and seafood. Our small fleet supplies fish from our seas throughout the year.

Where to buy?

  • Peixateria Borràs
    C/ Lleida, 7
    +34 977 460 025 – 607 656 125
  • Peixateria Rosa
    Pl. Gonzàlez Isla, 2
    +34 615 661 432
  • Nova Devimar
    Barranc de Sant Pere, s/n
    +34 977 460 054
  • Cepromar
    Ctra. Ampolla-Deltebre, km 2
    +34 977 470 882

Olive oil

This golden legacy is part of our culinary roots. Olive oil has a historical tradition in the Mediterranean since the time of the phoenicians and, in our lands, geographic, geological and soft climatology have favored the production of olive oil from a long time balanced aroma and flavor. Its potential exceeds the culinary frontiers, being also an extraordinary source of healing properties.

Where to buy?

  • Agrobotiga Lo Típic

C/ Banys, 4 baixos
+34 977 593 098

  • Productes del camp Xavier Curto

Lligallo del cementeri. Pol. 134 parcel·la 34
+34 630 270 057

Rice with denomination of origin

Did you know that rice fields determine our landscape? Green in summer, gilded at the end of summer, brown in winter and blue in spring. This is due to the fact that rice fields occupy approximately 18,500 hectares of crops and constitute the main crop production of the Ebro Delta. As a result, we enjoy an excellent quality product certified with the Protected Denomination of Origin ‘Arròs del Delta de l’Ebre’.

Where to buy?

  • Agrobotigues

Bassa de les Olles, s/n
+34 690 795 504

  • Agrobotiga Lo Típic

C/ Banys, 4 baixos
+34 977 593 098

Homemade sausages

From very old times, the production of sausages has been one of the most used systems for talking meat products. In the village, we have the pleasure of enjoying several homemade sausages prepared in an artisan way, baldana d’arròs (sausage with rice), de ceba, (with onion), blanca, (white sausage), seca, (dry sausage) and sobrasada. To prepare them, crumbs with minced meat, seasoned with spices, salt and other ingredients are fried, and once stuffed, and they are dried or boiled and then dried.

Where to buy?

  • Carnisseria Elisenda

AV. Barceloneta, 3
+34 977 460 048

  • Carnisseria Martí

Pl. Mercat, 7
+34 977 460 037

Pastries and craft desserts

To sweeten the palate, we have a good repertoire of sweets made by hand: pastissets de cabell d’àngel (made stuffed from squash), coquetes de la creu (with animal fat), coc de brossat (Brioche paste, covered with pine nuts and cottage cheese), coc de maçana (apple cake), gelat d’arròs (rice ice crem) … Each of our bakers and pastry makers brings their personal and distinctive touch. It is for finger licking!

Where to buy?

  • Fleca Artesana Cabrera

Av. Barceloneta, 24
+34 977 460 344

  • Forn Bru

Sol, 9
+34 611  472 074

  • Forn Cabrera

Menorca, 2
+34 977 460 062

  • Pastisseria Bahía

Pl. González Isla, 10
+34 977 460 106

  • Pastisseria Sergio

Av. Marítima R. Pous, 28
+34 977 460 179

Gin and Sake of handmade elaboration

Distillation and fermentation have served us since ancient times for the elaboration of various types of drinks. In l’Ampolla you can enjoy the essence of the Ebro Delta from the handmade elaboration of two drinks prepared with ingredients from our land: the gin and the sake. Harbour Gin it’s a gin resulting from the botanical richness that the Ebro Delta and the Mediterranean Sea offer us. And Kensho sake it’s born from a very careful fermentation process of our rice.

Where to buy?

  • Harbour Gin / Blau Mar

Passeig Ramon Pous, 16

+34 650 434 196

  • Kensho Mediterranean Sake / Kan Kensho

C/ Barranc de Sant Pere

+34 652 834 259

Ecological culinary plants and infusions

The botanical wealth of a territory has always influenced both its medicinal remedies and its culinary tradition. Many of us still remember the essential herbs in the kitchens of our grandmothers, such as laurel, tarragon and rosemary, as well as the infusions that in some cases also were used as a remedy like camomile and mint. Now you can find all these Mediterranean essence in the, Botanical Garden Medicinal Ecoherbes Park, where you will discover more than 400 aromatic and medicinal plants, on podràs descobrir més de 400 espècies de plantes aromàtiques i medicinals, as well as you can buy infusions and culinary herbs cultivated in an artisan way and with the stamp of guarantee 100% ecological.

Where to buy?

  • Ecoherbes

Urb. Sant Pere, 1
+34 671 0 09 977