Birdwatching in l’Ampolla, eco-itineraries whether on foot or bike

The practice of birdwatching in l’Ampolla is one of the most beautiful and relaxing activities that can be performed.

This is thanks to its privileged location in the Ebro Delta Natural Park, the largest wetland area in Catalonia, a natural environment of 320 km2 that constitutes one of the most important aquatic habitats in the western Mediterranean. Located in the far south of the Gulf of Sant Jordi, in the Baix Ebre region, l’Ampolla stands as the gateway of the Ebro Delta.

l’Ampolla, an ornithological destination

The ornithological routes can be one of the quietest activities that we can enjoy outdoors, bird watching can also become an inquietude for those who are dedicated to looking for oddities, travelling long distances to see different species and be able to add them in their personal lists (global, national, regional, local…).

If you are excited by ornithology, in l’Ampolla you can enjoy several ornithological itineraries to do on foot or by bike where you can enjoy a large number of species. According to the Lista Padrón de aves del Delta del Ebro, of David Bigas and Antoni Curcó (2015), about 427 taxa have been cited, of which 379 are recognized and 48 not yet established, and of these 302 taxa have been cited in the municipality of l’Ampolla.

The best season for birdwatching in l’Ampolla.

The most active time for birdwatching in l’Ampolla is normally during spring and autumn, since it coincides with bird migration. This is owing to many birds that normally do not nest in an area and usually, go through it during its journey from north to south or vice versa.

Dawn is the most appropriate time to observe the birds in their natural surroundings. During this time, the birds are more hungry and busy searching food.
The best way to locate the most interesting species requires a detailed knowledge of its appearance, sing, behaviour and the most appropriate habitat, all this added to a good dose of discretion, patience and luck.

Bird guide in l’Ampolla

We provide you with one checklist – birds list in l’Ampolla where you can add it to your personal list. How many will you be able to observe?