The beaches of l’Ampolla, paradise of blue tones and sea aroma

The beaches of l’Ampolla are an indisputable part of the natural wealth of the village and it is not by chance. Far from the agglomerations that other coastal municipalities suffer, l’Ampolla can boast virgin coves and beaches, perfect for contemplating different landscapes of a peaceful Mediterranean.

Thanks to its geographical location at the Gateway of the Ebro Delta, the beaches of l’Ampolla are characterized by a varied formation, offering a unique landscaping mosaic on the Catalan coast. You can find it from sandy beaches with calm water and not deep, -Ideas for the smallest ones-, up to small stone beaches or sandy beaches surrounded by cliffs of reddish tones – ideals to disconnect everything and find yourself again.

And if you are one of those who enjoy the sun and the blue of the sea with a good walk, we recommend the natural pathway of the cliffs), which will give you access to the different beaches and coves.

Safety on the beaches

Both the beaches of l’Ampolla as its municipal swimming pool has rescue services and lifeguard service subsidized by the Provincial Government through the line of subsidies for the protection of public health for safety in the corresponding bath areas corresponding to the 2013 call.

Coves and beaches of l’Ampolla

Sandy beaches
Pebbly beaches
Blue flag beach
Virgin beaches flag

L’Arenal Beach

Also known as ‘the calm beach’ for its calm and not deep waters -ideal for children-, this beach is located in the bay of Fangar, in the Ebro Delta. Its fine golden sand is typical of the deltaic beaches. In days of clear sky, it is possible to see on the horizon the tip of the Fangar and its light.

Capellans Beach

Located to the north of l’Ampolla, you’ll find this natural recess of white and black rocks witch contrast with the vegetation and cliffs that surround it. Its small size makes it a very cosy place to relax.

L’Ascaret Cove

Undoubtedly, it’s the most intimate beach in l’Ampolla. A small shelter formed by several small coves that are submerged in the vegetation. You can only access on foot.

Cala Joaquina

Cala Joaquina, small cove in the north-est of the harbour

Pinets Beach

Located south of the town centre, Pinets beach is a small cove surrounded by rocks and not deep water. It is a quiet spot, well suited to family activities.

Baconé Beach

Awarded with the flag of virgin beaches. If you like to walk along the sea, this beach is for you. The Baconé beach is one of the most attractive points on the cliffs route. This little cove with black and white stones, contrasting mesmerize with the blue of the sea.

Cap-Roig Beach

Awarded with the blue flag for its quality, this sand beach, large in size stands out for its picturesque reddish cliffs that give it its name.

  • Services: restaurants / kiosk for drinks and ice cream / lifeguards
  • Equipment: hammocks rental / showers
  • Activities: swim / sun

Perales Beach

Perales Beach, where a pebbles shore invites us to take a dip and discover the
stunning marine life that hides beneath the water

Arquitecte Beach

You will find this small beach in the town center, next to the Yatch Club and next to the seafront. It is characterized by small stones and the surrounding rocks that give it an intimate entity to anyone who wants to enjoy moments of tranquility.

Les Avellanes Beach

Awarded repeatedly with the blue flag for its quality and range of services and equipment vailable. It is a medium-sized beach that stands out due to its fine sand and calm waters. You will find Avellanes beach in the center of the village, with access to a wide range of services such as restaurants or bars.

  • Services: restaurants / bars / kiosk for drinks and ice cream / lifeguards
  • Equipment: phones / showers / sports and recreation area
  • Activities: swim / sun / beach volleyball

Maria Cove

Awarded with the flag of virgin beaches. In the middle of pine forests and cliffs, this cosy small stone cove offers the necessary tranquility for those who enjoy a good stroll along the sea. Cala Maria forms part of the route of the cliffs of l’Ampolla.