Natural routes in l’Ampolla, pathways of textures and colours

The different nature itineraries in l’Ampolla that we recommend will allow you to live first-hand one of the main attractions of the village, its natural heritage. You have different options depending on whether you want to sketch the littoral of l’Ampolla or if you prefer to explore the interior.

Recommendations for a responsible visit

  • Natural heritage is a very valuable asset that we must take care of among all. Please, respect it and help us to preserve it.
  • Remember that is not allowed disturb the flora and fauna. Bear in mind that you cannot capture neither animals nor their offspring nor gather vegetation.
  • Always dress comfortable clothing and suitable footwear.
  • It is highly recommended to bring water, especially in the summer. Also, do not forget about sun protection.
  • Respect the indications and the advices; don’t separate yourself from the marked route.
  • Please leave rubbish in the right places.
  • Before making any route, check the weather forecast.