Day activities in l’Ampolla

Enjoy l’Ampolla throughout the year with a wide variety of activities you can do during the day!

Natural Path

Did you know that we’ve 4 different natural pathways to Ampolla? Enjoy peaceful walks along the coast, the Delta or the interior of our coastline and discover the magic corners of our history.

The Olles Lagoon

The Olles Lagoon is the smallest lagoon in the Delta. The lagoons are one of the most characteristic ecosystems of the Ebro Delta. You will be amazed by the rich biodiversity of this beautiful natural spot.

Birdwatching in l’Ampolla

The birdwatching in l’Ampolla is one of the most beautiful and relaxing activities that can be performed. We propose 5 ornithological eco-itineraries with which to spot a large number of birds!

Visit and tasting

One of the most striking activities you can do is taking a boat trip to the same place where the mussels and oysters of the Delta breed. You can taste these fruits from the sea in the same place where they are raised!

Guided tours and sports activities

Nature and sport is a very good combination when it comes to enjoying the holidays. You can take guided tours, adventure sports, excursions and enjoy the best active tourism in the Ebro Delta.

Sailing and windsurfing courses

In l’Ampolla awaits you the Mediterranean Sea, its blue tones and its salt aroma offer you the best environment where you can practice activities such as sailing and windsurfing.

Visit the Botanical Garden Ecoherbes Medicinal Park

It is a great natural space next to the Mediterranean Sea and the Ebro Delta where you can discover more than 400 species of aromatic and medicinal plants that grow there.

Visit ant tast Can Kensho

Enjoy Can Kensho, one cozy farmhouse where is elaborated the sake Kensho by its owners. The visit ends with a sample of sake Kensho or a maridage fo oysters with sake. You can visit too the ricefields. It’s necessary to book.

Enjoy local cuisine

Throughout the year, in the restaurants of l’Ampolla you can taste the most traditional and innovative recipes made with the best products of our land and our sea.